Presto Performing Arts’ PPA sessions are a fantastic way for students to develop their creativity and confidence and learn vital skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility and negotiation. Our sessions are bespoke and planned accordingly for each group/year taking part, in line with the National Curriculum (specifically looking at targets in Language and Literacy of Spoken Language), to support a cross curricular approach to Speech and Drama, Performing Arts and Musical Theatre.


Our lesson plans are focused towards LAMDA examinations in either Acting, Musical Theatre or Group Recital, giving you the opportunity to enter the students into a group examination during the summer term. Alternatively, a mock examination can be held, giving the students the experience of an examination setting and detailed performance feedback, developing their interpretive, technical and interactive skills throughout the term.



At Presto Performing Arts, we have over 12 years’ experience teaching LAMDA. We are so proud of our 100% pass rate – some students have received as high as 100/100! Whilst we pride ourselves on our fantastic results, we realise that the journey is just as important as the outcome, and we place our emphasis on the process, ensuring the sessions are enjoyable and enriching for all students.

Each Term follows a particular project/focus, giving the students the chance to work towards a performance or recital, building on their communication skills, confidence, Speech & Language, interpretative and improvisation skills. Our Performing Arts projects are fun and engaging, and give each and every child the chance to develop their Performance skills in a safe environment.

We can tailor our projects to suit your schools specific needs. We can dive deeper into a particular musical or play, or perhaps Shakespeare would be better suited to literacy and historical learning, deepening children’s understanding by increasing vocabulary and allowing them to put themselves into the shoes of key characters, or transport themselves to different times in history, helping teachers to generate higher attainment in the classroom too.
















Peripatetic LAMDA tuition

We also offer one-to-one, private LAMDA sessions for children aged 4+. Our sessions are 20 minutes per week, and during the sessions, students work towards their solo Acting examination (accredited). Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium may benefit from our one-to-one sessions, as well as pupils who have English as an Additional Language. Our one-to-one sessions enhance their understanding of the English language, as they develop vocabulary and build knowledge, evaluate and build on the ideas of others and give well-structured descriptions and explanations through exploring ideas and themes based around their monologues.